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An ACE up Your Sleeve: How the Advanced Cyber Event Appliance Monitors Networks and Detects Events

An ACE up Your Sleeve: How the Advanced Cyber Event Appliance Monitors Networks and Detects Events on cyberguard360.comACE from CyberGuard360 constantly reviews data to spot threats

It’s no longer a matter of if your business will be exposed to some type of cyberattack, but rather when and how. Organizations looking to protect themselves from the more than 1,000 breaches that occurred in 2016 – up 40% from 2015 – need to think proactively about how to monitor and react to suspicious events that could be the first signs of a cyber attack.

This reality demands aggressive preparation, identifying your most sensitive information and where it resides. Segmenting this data allows companies to monitor it across different networks, machines, and endpoint devices, and threat detection tools can greatly reduce this data’s exposure to attacks.

The Advanced Cyber Event appliance strengthens your security footprint

The cybersecurity experts at CyberGuard360 utilize an innovative tool dubbed ACE, which is an acronym for Advanced Cyber Event appliance. This software monitors and detects suspicious events on your network that could point to a potential cyber attack.

ACE is a proprietary appliance that does a variety of things to protect your network, including:

  • Monitors user behavior on your network – Think of ACE as a network monitor that learns normal behavior to develop a baseline of the typical ways in which your business operates on a daily basis. This includes what files are routinely accessed, when they’re accessed, and who accesses them. Once the normal behavior has been learned, any behaviors that deviate from normal thresholds will trigger an alert. For example, if a top executive always logs out by 6 pm, access at this point in the network in the middle of the night may trigger an alert.
  • Monitors for unusual/high network activity – ACE will also monitor your network for unusual spikes in traffic, which often point to an attempted cyber attack. In these instances, hackers may be snooping around your network and attempting to flood it with traffic to see how your infrastructure reacts. With ACE, you’ll immediately be alerted to these behaviors so that you can react accordingly.
  • Scans the network for sensitive data – ACE constantly scans the network to identify sensitive data. Alerts can be triggered if this sensitive information is moved or placed in an unsecured location. ACE looks at a variety of factors to determine if data is deemed sensitive; for example, it proactively identifies information with social security numbers or account number strings, plus immediately flags the data if it is placed in an insecure area. In addition, users can always proactively mark certain data as sensitive.

Is your company prepared to spot an attempted breach?

If you’re interested in learning more about CyberGuard360’s ACE appliance, reach out to our team today. We can take a look at your existing security tools to determine where improvements can be made, and we specialize in helping companies comply with 23 NYCRR 500, the most stringent cybersecurity law in the nation. Give us a call today at 844-315-9882 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.