What is a Sandbox Solution, and Do I Really Need One to Protect My Company?

No matter tWhat is a Sandbox Solution, and Do I Really Need One to Protect My Company? on cyberguard360.comhe size of your company, a sandbox solution can improve your security posture

Most companies understand that cybercrime is becoming more complex and it’s vital to have sophisticated security measures that protect against malware, viruses, and all other types of threats.

The most ruthless attacks can actually remain undetected for quite some time – allowing hackers to steal vast quantities of sensitive data while wreaking other long-term damage.

One way that organizations are fighting back against these hard-to-detect threats is through the use of a sandbox.

What is a sandbox?

A sandbox is a safe, fully-contained environment that mimics a computer system and network. In a sandbox, IT admins can run suspicious programs to see how they will react, plus make other changes without affecting an organization’s actual network.

Why can’t our current security infrastructure protect sensitive data?

If you’re like most companies, you likely have installed antimalware programs on the machines on your network and may think that’s enough. The reality is that while this protection is a necessary component of cybersecurity, it should not be looked at as a comprehensive strategy.

Traditional antimalware programs are reactive, meaning they are little match for some rapidly-emerging threats. And hackers will often spend significant time determining the type of security tools you’re using so that they can develop malware that specifically exploits any weaknesses in your network.

A sandbox enables detection of existing threats and provides proactive identification of certain actions that may mask a new one.

Is setting up a sandbox expensive?

Because of the sophistication of a sandbox, you may think that your small- to medium-sized business can’t afford one – but this may not be the case.

Years ago, setting up a sandbox meant procuring the necessary computer equipment and networking resources, and this infrastructure was out of reach for many companies. Now, many sandbox solutions are hosted in the cloud, which means that you can quickly roll out a solution that will work for your company. Security vendors keep costs low through the easy scalability offered by the cloud.

A cloud-based sandbox solution is only for large companies, right?


Small businesses arguably need a cloud-based sandbox solution more than larger companies, as they may not be able to withstand a massive data breach. While larger companies can often weather the backlash, 60% of small businesses are no longer in business just six months after a successful attack.

Does my company have the in-house expertise to roll out a sandbox solution?

Your IT staff may already be overworked, so it may not be feasible to task them with setting up a cloud-based sandbox. An external security vendor has the expertise and the resources to make these solutions both affordable and easy to implement.

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