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Introducing the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Protection

Next Generation Cybersecurity Protection, CyberGlass, Bridging security gaps with artificial intelligence, Cybercriminals on cyberguard360.comCyberGuard360’s trailblazing CyberGlass doesn’t only spot attacks – it fixes them

Prevention can win over even the most persistent attacks, thanks to a groundbreaking new weapon in the war on cybercrime: CyberGlass.

The latest innovation from leading cybersecurity provider CyberGuard360, CyberGlass, a Done-For-You MSSP Solution. It is the first and only platform to combine all the elements of a complete cybersecurity program into a single actionable interface – enabling MSPs, MSSPs, and enterprise IT teams to view an organization’s cybersecurity strength in real-time through a single pane of glass.

CyberGlass gathers significantly more data than traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools and adds all the extra components – like scripting, direct asset access, and automation – that companies would otherwise need to acquire separately to achieve the best cybersecurity protections.

Put simply, it goes above-and-beyond other products because not only can it spot issues – it can fix them.

Bridging security gaps with artificial intelligence

CyberGlass debuts a patent-pending technology, CyberGlassAI, to expand beyond the passive “see something, say something” approach of a traditional SIEM monitoring and alerting platform. This artificial intelligence allows CyberGlass to stand out in the cybersecurity space with the unique ability to “see something, do something,” delivering an automated and powerful first response that can attack and mitigate any malicious threat it discovers.

Here’s how it works: CyberGlassAI creates baseline norms – dubbed User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – via a machine-learning engine that builds profiles of the user, system, and network behaviors. By leveraging this data, it can spot anomalies that deviate from the norm and pose a potential threat –trapping, alerting, and responding accordingly.

CyberGlassAI also hardens the surface against future attacks by “learning” each new behavior and response so it can proactively identify and shut down similar threats. By combining artificial intelligence with immediate asset access, CyberGlass bridges the security gap inherent in SIEM platforms.

Cybercriminals taking aim at U.S. businesses

Advanced capabilities can’t come fast enough. American businesses are under cyber siege, suffering nearly 1,600 data breaches that exposed 179 million records last year. That’s a nearly 45 percent jump from just over 1,000 breaches in 2016.

Clever hackers work relentlessly to uncover new targets and adapt their tools to break through new cyber-defenses. A plague of phishing schemes, malware, ransomware, artificial intelligence, and other increasingly-sophisticated attacks has left no company too big or too obscure to be safe. The FBI reports that 4,000 ransomware attacks alone have occurred daily since 2016.

It takes an average of 191 days for an organization to discover a breach and 66 days to contain it, according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study. With every stolen record costing an average of $141, it’s clear that better strategies are desperately needed.

Unfortunately, most IT departments don’t have the expertise or manpower to adequately protect and defend their businesses against ever-evolving cybercrime. Instead, they typically rely on a variety of applications and devices to provide insight into the attack surface and threat landscape. That may include separate firewalls, anti-malware, SIEM protections, social engineering security awareness training, and cybersecurity policies and procedures.

CyberGlass rolls all these tools and more into its platform, blanketing the attack surface with a complete program that leaves no hole exposed for hackers to slide through. It bolsters an organization’s IT team, empowering them with security-engineer capabilities and improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Everything you need to stop attacks in a single platform

During a cyber-attack, every second can lead to costly losses. Wrapping prediction, monitoring, alerts, investigation, and remediation into a single platform reduces response times and increases kill rates – by enabling responders to not waste precious time jumping in and out of different cybersecurity programs while they try to pinpoint and stop the breach. Engineers can open the endpoints console, command prompt, or PowerShell prompt directly from CyberGlass to combat malicious threats.

CyberGlass is more than best-of-breed tools assembled into a comprehensive cybersecurity suite. It is an intelligent ecosystem that delivers real-time threat intelligence through a single pane of glass, with groundbreaking management and automation capabilities.

And as cybercrime continues to explode at an alarming rate, it represents the next generation of cybersecurity protection for companies.

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