Living on the Edge: How to Lockdown a Network Perimeter on

Living on the Edge: How to Lockdown a Network Perimeter

Living on the Edge: How to Lockdown a Network Perimeter on

CyberGlass combines 3 critical perimeter protections as a first line of defense against cybercrime

Building a ring of protection around an organization is a vital first line of defense for blocking cyber-attacks, as well as gathering critical intelligence to stop a cybercrime as soon as it starts. Once the perimeter is breached, hackers can move around a company’s network undetected and perform a range of malicious acts.

CyberGuard360’s groundbreaking CyberGlass product locks down a company’s online perimeter with three critical components: firewalls, email safeguards, and phishing and vishing protections.

CyberGlass, a Done-For-You MSSP Solution; SIEM 2.0. It is the only solution on the market to combine all the elements of a complete cybersecurity program into a single actionable interface. For the first time, MSPs, MSSPs, and enterprise IT teams can view an organization’s cybersecurity strength in real-time through a single pane of glass and take steps to remediate attacks.

Here’s how CyberGlass goes above-and-beyond other products on the market to secure a perimeter:

Firewall protection

Just like a housing development uses security gates to keep unauthorized visitors out, firewalls that integrate with CyberGlass serve as a secure exit and entry checkpoint for a network. CyberGuard360 partnered with leading firewall vendors to integrate their products into its CyberGlass ecosystem, enabling management, control, and reporting from within the industry-leading platform.

CyberGlass-enabled firewalls stand guard at an organization’s online perimeter, fighting off hackers attempting to penetrate its network and access critical information like sensitive financial and customer data. They also protect against other malicious activity that lurks on the Internet – such as malware disguised as legitimate software – with frequently-updated subscription services that inspect, reject, and report suspicious traffic. These firewalls continuously communicate with every endpoint on a company’s network as well, quickly detecting abnormal on-network traffic patterns and cutting off contact before an infected endpoint compromises the entire network.

While CyberGuard360 can supply a CyberGlass-ready, enterprise-grade firewall to partners who request it, CyberGlass is able to communicate with a client’s existing firewalls. However, the CyberGlass-ready firewalls take security up a level with a full, robust set of security subscription services activated, including Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Deep Packet Inspection, Email & Antivirus, Advanced Threat Protection, Web Protection, Web and Application Filtering, User Identity Authentication, and more.

Email protections (spam filtering and encryption)

Spam is a nuisance, eating up your inbox space and your time as you fight a constant battle to clear it out. But these emails can also carry malware and viruses that threaten a company’s security and data. Spam messages account for a whopping 54.6 percent of email traffic worldwide – creating an alarmingly large potential for security issues, according to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report.

More than 92 percent of malware is delivered via email. Most of it is sent through phishing emails that appear to come from a well-known person or organization and are designed to steal confidential information like passwords or bank account details. Nearly 60 percent of IT security decision-makers point to targeted phishing attacks as the top security threat they face.

By the end of 2017, the average user was receiving 16 malicious emails per month, according to the Symantec report. That means if a company only has 25 employees, it must rely on their ability to scrutinize emails and not fall victim to phishing attempts 400 times a month. Take that a step further and that’s 4,800 threats that must be avoided over the course of the year.

CyberGlass’s spam filtering works to keep these unwanted messages from entering a company’s inboxes. In turn, it significantly reduces employees’ opportunities to open the door for malicious activity by clicking on potentially harmful emails. 

Encryption is another critical part of CyberGlass’s email protections. It ensures the safety of data when sending emails – a critical security measure for companies, as much of the information sent to business partners, clients, vendors, and customers is confidential. It also shields internal emails and blocks potential intrusions from malware and other insider threats.

Cybercriminals most often attempt to intercept emails that include attachments with private data, links, bank details, and other forms of sensitive information. CyberGlass’s email encryption capabilities enable organizations to take back control over the sensitive information they send over the Internet by only allowing certain users to access it.

Phishing and vishing protections (security awareness testing and training)

The biggest cybersecurity threat that any organization faces are its own people. Human error is a leading factor in breaches, from confidential data sent over the Internet to unsecured home systems to inadvertently clicking on phishing emails. Vishing attacks are also on the rise in the workplace, in which employees are tricked into revealing sensitive information to unauthorized entities via voice over IP communications or landline or cellular telephones.

CNBC reports that nearly half of business leaders blame human error as the cause of a data breach that occurred within their organization. At the same time, clever hackers are constantly developing new ways to circumvent spam filters. For these reasons, CyberGuard360 made social engineering security awareness is a major component of CyberGlass’s perimeter protections.

CyberGuard360 simulates vishing and phishing attacks and rates employees’ responses on a sliding scale based on their level within the company and their access to sensitive data. A successful phishing attack on a C-level employee, for instance, is more serious and receives a worse rating than a successful attack on an accounts receivable clerk. The organization scores an overall rating based on these performance statistics, and CyberGuard360 then provides comprehensive and targeted training for staff on how to spot and avoid attacks.

In today’s connected world, continual Internet access is essential to an organization’s success. But the Internet exposes companies to hostile environments where threats evolve rapidly and cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to exploit the slightest weakness in perimeter protections. The potential for employees to inadvertently cause harm by falling victim to attacks that stem from the Internet further weakens other security measures.

By combining these three critical perimeter protections, CyberGlass helps preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an internal network and the private information it contains.

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