The Next Generation of Endpoint Security, Part 2 on

The Next Generation of Endpoint Security, Part 2

The Next Generation of Endpoint Security, Part 2 on cyberguard360.comA unique ability to spot and stop issues is a game-changer for endpoint security

In today’s ultra-connected world, it’s safe to say that the number of Internet-connected devices outnumbers the people in any company. From printers to desktop computers to smartphones to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, any endpoint that connects to the Internet and a company’s network makes the business alarmingly vulnerable to cybercrime.

Forensics revealed that one of the biggest data breaches in history could have been avoided if JPMorgan Chase had installed a simple security fix on an overlooked endpoint in its network. Instead, sensitive details from 83 million personal and small business accounts were exposed.

IT professionals are scrambling to protect a whopping average of 750 endpoints within their companies. In our first installment on the next-generation endpoint security provided by CyberGuard360’s new CyberGlass product, we explored critical protections like anti-exploit technology and access control limits. Now, we will reveal what makes CyberGlass truly groundbreaking: the first-to-market ability to not only spot endpoint issues but fix them.

CyberGlass, a Done-For-You MSSP Solution. It is the only product to combine all the elements of a complete cybersecurity program in a single interface – giving MSPs, MSSPs, and enterprise IT teams a unique ability to view an organization’s cybersecurity strength in real-time, through a single pane of glass.

CyberGlass advances beyond the passivity of a traditional Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform with its patent-pending CyberGlass AI technology. When every second counts during a data breach, CyberGlass AI adds direct asset access, scripting and automation, and machine learning capabilities that would usually require responders to waste precious time switching between an alphabet soup of security tools.

CyberGuard360 also partnered with Sophos to run its top-rated Advanced Endpoint Protection and Intercept X products natively with CyberGlass, though it can also work with other products. Consistently beating the competition for next-gen protection, Sophos ranked first in multiple endpoint protection categories in the April-June 2018 SE Labs Endpoint Protection Test report.

Let’s take a look at the final game-changing protections that make CyberGlass the top choice for protecting a company’s endpoints from cybercrime:

  • Heartbeat technology. More than 80 percent of IT managers agree that stopping malware threats has become significantly harder over the last year, according to The State of Endpoint Security Today study by Sophos. The reason: while cybercriminals combine multiple techniques in coordinated attacks, endpoint security products work independently of each other. To solve that problem, CyberGuard360 integrated Sophos’s best-of-class Heartbeat technology into its CyberGlass ecosystem – uniting an organization’s defenses into a coordinated system against attackers. This technology prompts endpoints to send regular reports called Security Heartbeats on their status to a company’s firewall. If a Heartbeat report shows that an endpoint was compromised, the firewall can instantly restrict its network access. Heartbeat also informs CyberGlass of the remedial action needed to restore the endpoint’s health.
  • Remediation. CyberGlass goes beyond the traditional SIEM’s “see something, say something” monitoring and alerting approach. Instead, it has the game-changing ability to “see something, do something,” acting as an automated first-responder that attacks and mitigates threats. Here’s how it works: CyberGlass’s artificial intelligence component, CyberGlass AI, uses a machine-learning engine to build profiles of the user, system, and network behaviors. It then leverages these baseline norms to identify anomalies that pose a threat: trapping, alerting, and responding accordingly. Finally, it adds both the behavior and the response to its library of automation so it can identify and act proactively the next time a similar threat attempts to enter its environment. In its 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the Ponemon Institute reports that every stolen record costs companies an average of $148 – making time a critical factor during a cyber-attack. As the first product to combine these capabilities into a single actionable interface, CyberGlass enables organizations to stop breaches faster than ever before. Less valuable time is wasted jumping between different platforms that detect, alert, or respond to an active threat.CyberGlass augments an organization’s IT team: empowering them with security-engineer capabilities, improving efficiency and effectiveness, and hardening the attack surface. It also enables clients to build their own remediation scripts that can be executed automatically or on demand.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity. With the ability to cripple a business overnight, the threat posed by cyber-attacks cannot be overstated. The FBI reports that 4,000 ransomware attacks alone bombard U.S. companies every day. Backup & Disaster Recovery is a critical responsibility of any MSP or IT solution provider. As cybercrime continues to evolve, robust backup, disaster recovery, and continuity solutions give organizations peace of mind that all won’t be lost when a hacker penetrates their defenses. To meet these needs, CyberGuard360 has teamed with Unitrends, the solutions provider that Fortune 100 companies worldwide have trusted to protect their data for a quarter of a century. Not only are Unitrends solutions easier to deploy than many other products on the market, but they offer total confidence that data and applications are protected and accessible if the worst happens. Unitrends’ line of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions use automation and white-glove service to lessen the burden on a company’s IT department. They employ intelligent recovery analytics to reveal the potential impact of an outage – helping a business prevent costly downtime. They also offer multi-site replication, instant recovery, and failover to the cloud.Forty percent of small businesses suffer eight or more hours of system downtime after a data breach, leading to damage that often costs at least $1 million to resolve.

    Unitrends backup and recovery statistics are integrated into CyberGlass, putting information about the success or failure of backup and assurance jobs alongside the security posture of the environments it protects. Put simply, if CyberGlass identifies a threat that needs to be recovered from, or a backup job that needs to be investigated, access to the Unitrends appliance and backups is a click away.

Traditional endpoint technologies struggle to keep up with the increasing sophistication of cybercrime. Sixty percent of IT managers surveyed by Sophos admit that their current endpoint defenses couldn’t stop the cyber-attacks they experienced over the last year. With a one-of-a-kind ability to spot and stop threats, CyberGlass takes endpoint security to a new level.

If you haven’t read it already, check out the first installment in this series on CyberGlass endpoint protection.

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