CyberGuard360TM’s Cybersecurity Intelligence EcoSystem

CyberGuard360TM’s team believes that a cybersecurity program must blanket the attack surface with a layer of protection that leaves no hole exposed, nothing left to chance. We’ve assembled a suite of appliances and applications, some purpose-built and others through exclusive partnerships with tier 1 providers, to deliver to MSP’s, MSSP’s and Enterprise IT Departments for deployment to their organizations and clients.

But more than building and assembling best-of-breed tools into a comprehensive cybersecurity suite, we developed a proprietary platform called CyberGlass360TM to integrate all of these tools into an intelligent ecosystem that delivers real-time threat intelligence through a single-pane-of-glass. Then we added management and automation capabilities to reduce response times and increase kill rates.

CyberGlass360TM is the first, and only platform to fully integrate all of these technologies. Creating a new software category called SMM (Security Monitoring and Management), CyberGlass360TM was designed from the ground up to empower MSP’s, MSSP’s and enterprise IT teams with a single-pane-of-glass into the security posture of the organization. But CyberGlass360TM goes beyond that by adding scripting and automation (traditionally the purview of RMM tools), and leveraging the patent-pending technology called CyberGlassAITM.

CyberGlassAITM goes beyond SIEM’s passive “see something, says something” monitoring and alerting approach. With CyberGlassAITM’s artificial intelligence and automated response, CyberGlass360TM “sees something, does something”; an automated first responder to attack and mitigate the threat. CyberGlass360TM with CyberGlassAITM augments an IT team; improving efficiency and effectiveness.

CyberGlassAITM uses a machine learning engine that builds profiles of user, system and network to create baseline norms, called UEBA (User & Entity Behaviour Analytics). It then leverages UEBA to identify anomalies that deviate from the normal behaviour and may pose a threat; trapping, alerting and responding accordingly. CyberGlassAITM then adds both the behavior and the response to the library of automation to proactively identify and mitigate any future threat.