Network Level Monitoring (NLM) is an integral component of a hardened attack surface. CyberGuard360’s CyberGlass includes NLM as a core component. But we’ve taken it to a new level with the introduction of CyberGuard360’s proprietary Advanced Cyber Event (ACE) appliance; an on-network, agentless Network-Level Monitoring (NLM) appliance that detect threats and unusual behavior that endpoint security, and other purpose-built devices and applications aren’t designed to be aware of.

Advanced Cyber Event (ACE) Appliance

CyberGuard360’s Advanced Cyber Event (ACE) appliance is an on-premise addition to our cloud-based NLM plugin. Enabling agent-less monitoring of the network, CyberGuard360’s ACE appliance monitors the network for Black Hat or Shadow IT. But ACE goes beyond NLM by analyzing changes in the network and setup over time, creating an audit trail of these changes, alerting CyberGlass when they fall outside normal patterns of behavior so engineers, or CyberGlassAI can respond in real-time. Additionally, the ACE appliance continually scans network resources for protected data to both inform your team where it exists, and if it is exposed on unprotected resources. CyberGuard360’s ACE includes:

Network statistics | Automated mapping | Service monitoring | Granular asset monitoring & alerting | Configuration management | CyberGuardAI triggers | Audit & reporting