A Done-For-You MSSP Solution



The CyberGlassTM platform integrates all of the components of a complete cybersecurity program into one actionable interface; a see-something do-something single-pane-of-glass. These include:
Competitive Comparison Do-it-Yourself
CyberGlassTM Company A Company B SIEM Next Gen AV NLM DLP WEB/DNS DRaas Dark WEB
   – Workstations
   – Servers
Firewalls/Layer 2/3 Devices w/ Configuration Manager
Next-Gen Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)
   – Workstations
   – Servers
Network-Level Monitoring (NLM)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
DNS Protection
Web Protection
Backup/Disaster Recovery Monitoring Q1 2020
Dark Web Monitoring Q1 2020







Competitive Comparison: Breach Prevention Platform

Features PIIGuardTM Other BPPs
Security Awareness Training UNLIMITED Limited
Weekly Training UNLIMITED Limited
Newsletters UNLIMITED Monthly
Customizable Weekly Training & Newsletters
Security Risk Assessment NIST-based Generic
Automated Work Plan Generation
Security Policy Templates >60, NIST-based Limited, Generic
Industry-leading Policy Management
Simulated Phishing
Live Dark Web Scans2 UNLIMITED 1 Per Client or Prospect
Dark Web Monitoring1 2
Employee Vulnerability IndexTM
CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 integration
Full Auditing of Platform
Unlimited Clients3
No Contract
Sales & Marketing Support
30 Day FREE Trial
Monthly Price $99
Includes Full Partner Account
Unlimited Training ONLY
1 Additional subscriptions required
2 Limitations apply
3 Individual client subscriptions required