Cyber defenses are complex, and implementing them might just be rocket-science! CyberGuard360’s CRIS0 (Cyber Risk Index Score) is a FICO-like risk score that measures how ready you are for a modern cyberattack.

What’s your CRIS0 score?

Calculate the risk of a successful breach happening
Identify what holes exist in your organizations’ security posture
Evaluate the likelihood of a successful breach
Generate personalized reports for clients
CRIS0, a breach probability engine and advanced prospecting tool to measure the likelihood of a breach and CLOSE DEALS!
Assessing Risk Level

Our software generates a CRIS0 score based on a series of high-level, in-depth tests that mimic modern cybercriminal tactics. This helps us determine how at-risk the target organization is of a breach, based on their security profile’s strength and the probability of various threat vectors. Then we compile this information in an easy-to-understand number score for maximum clarity.

Teaser Reports

Whether you’re pulling in a prospect or simplifying concepts for an existing client, our teaser reports provide surface-level insight into what our software discovered regarding the target’s vulnerabilities. Teaser reports provide a quick understanding of how well the target organization stacks up against modern cyber threats.

Prospecting Tool

Do you have a prospective client who’s still on the precipice of signing on? A CRIS0 score will push them into heightened security! Reach out with the teaser to convince prospects to schedule a full appointment so you can go over the deeper report together and develop a plan for tightening their security posture.

Upgrade Your Clients’ Security

Cybersecurity standards are advancing as quickly as the threats developed against them. Demonstrate the probability of a breach to existing clients. We deliver clear-cut reports to show them just how vulnerable they are with their current security standards.

Cyber Risk Index Score

CRIS0 is a FICO-like score that represents the likelihood and imminence of a breach. We use up-to-the-minute information and next-gen hacking tools, so CRIS0 simulates the same tricks cybercriminals have up their sleeves.

MSPs and IT Service Providers can use CRIS0 to…

Much, much more!