CyberGlassTM is the first, and only platform to fully integrate all of these technologies. Creating a new software category called SMM (Security Monitoring and Management), CyberGlassTM was designed from the ground up to empower MSP’s, MSSP’s and enterprise IT teams with a single-pane-of-glass into the security posture of the organization. But CyberGlassTM goes beyond the passivity of a traditional SIEM by leveraging our patent-pending technology called CyberGlassAITM ; adding direct asset access, scripting and automation (traditionally the purview of RMM tools), and machine learning.

Asset Discovery & Inventory | Event Log Tracking & Management | Scripting & Automated Response | Behaviour Analytics | Compliance Reporting

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Thinking you know what connects to your network and knowing what does are two very different things

Identify rogue assets | Detect & alert for environmental changes | Generate baseline and delta reports

Event Log Tracking & Management

Real-time, robust event log monitoring and management solutions deliver vital, actionable information by collecting and analysing logs from all sources within your network. CyberGlass360 separates the noise from the threats and delivers meaningful alerts about an attack, breach or infection

Establish a baseline | Track user, network & inventory activity | Alert on potential violations | Inform for corporate governance & compliance

Asset Access, Scripting & Automated Response with CyberGlassAITM

CyberGlassAITM goes beyond SIEM. Traditional SIEM “sees something, says something” by monitoring and alerting. With CyberGlassAITM‘s direct asset access, artificial intelligence and automated response, CyberGlass360 “sees something, does something”; augmenting the IT team, empowering them with security-engineer capabilities; improving efficiency and effectiveness, and hardening the attack surface.

Automated response & remediation | Built-in script libraries | Script engine to build custom scripts | Machine-built scripts based on behaviours | Direct Asset Access | Audit & reporting

Behavior Analytics

CyberGlassAITM‘s machine learning engine builds profiles of user, system and network behaviour to create baseline norms; called UEBA (User & Entity Behaviour Analytics). We then leverage UEBA to identify anomalies that deviate from the normal behaviour and may pose a threat; alerting and responding accordingly.

Detect compromised credentials | Identify unusual traffic patterns | Discover lateral movement | Uncover ports of entry & exit | Audit & reporting

Compliance Reporting

Automate the steps required by each standard to ensure compliance, and maintain it going forward

Map required baseline to existing baseline | Alert on potential violations | Recommend changes to meet or exceed minimums | Generate audit-ready compliance reports