Dark Web Monitoring is an ever-vigilant tool that continually monitors the Dark Web for a domain or email address. When a new breach is found on the Dark Web, it is scanned for the domain or email address that you are monitoring and alerts you and/or your client immediately if they found.

Deep Diver, PIIGuard360’s Dark Web breach mining engine is a more thorough and more accurate breach mining engine; uncovering more unique breaches than our competition. That’s because we don’t search the Dark Web, we mine the entire community of accidental exposures, bad actors and hacktivists who traffic in breach data.

Through a mix of artificial intelligence and human interaction, Deep Diver continually scours the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web for breached credentials and PII.

Currently we have more than 98bn breach records, and that grows every minute.

Our Live Search and Monitoring tools leverage Deep Diver to expose these breaches to our Partners and their clients so then can proactively protect them through ATO services or credential rotation techniques.

Dark Web Monitoring is included with every client subscription in the PIIGuard360 platform.

Why Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring is an invaluable tool and a must-have part of your MSP stack.

The #1 cause of a data breach is compromised credentials. If you aren’t continually monitoring the Dark Web for new breaches containing executive and employee personal information and credentials, you’re putting your clients, your business and your family at risk.

Continuous monitoring of the Dark Web for compromised executive and employee data let’s you proactively protect them account take over (ATO) and the risk of a data breach, bank fraud, theft, ransomware and much more.

Using continuous monitoring to maintain vigilance of the Dark Web, you can expand your service offerings with ATO services and full end-user breach prevention training and monitoring.