At CyberGuard360 we believe that the best defense is a good offense. That’s why we’ve built the next-generation breach prevention platform just for MSP’s, PIIGuard360TM to make certain everyone is trained to spot a cyber-attack; forming an offensive-line of prevention that stops an attack before it strikes.

With advanced Cyber Security Awareness Training & certification, weekly Training “Refreshers” and Simulated Phishing, the PIIGuard360 breach prevention platform enlists your clients, and their team in the offensive-line of cybersecurity; helping them help you defend them.And we didn’t stop there.

To ensure the entire organization is cyber-aware, we’ve included modules such as a comprehensive NIST-based Risk Assessment with automated Work Plan generation that includes revenue-generating recommendations, Incident Response Audit & Management, and Policy and Procedure Audit & Management that includes more than 50 NIST-based templates you can use to customize for you or your clients. These modules meet HIPAA, PCI, DFS, GDPR, CCPA and nearly every other regulation out there to make, and keep your clients secure and compliant.

PIIGuard360 can be fully white-labeled, including all of the reports, policies and procedures to keep your clients “sticky”.

PIIGuard360 is the next-generation breach prevention platform built for MSP’s and MSSP’s.

Cyber Security Awareness Training | Routine & regular refreshers | Simulated phishing | Simulated vishing | Remediation & retraining | Audit & reporting