Organizations have several policies. There are typically 3 major issues.

  • They are outdated and have not been updated.
  • As and when they are updated no one is aware of the content.
  • And most employees have no idea about either the original policies or the new updates.

The Policy Management module in PIiGuard360 tries to resolve all 3 of the major issues while making it practical for both the organization and the employees to be informed without investing significant time or disrupting their regular work.

The platform provided 50+ policy templates based on addressing the cyber requirements of Federal and State guidelines as well as industry best practices. The organization is able to easily and quickly modify the relevant policies as specifically applicable. The system then allows the same to be published with a single click.

Employees get a notification that informs them of the new policies and provides a link, where they can go, review the policies and accept the same.

PIIGuard informs organizations by pushing policy updates when any changes are required or recommended by Federal State or industry. The organizational admin is able to easily update the policy and publish the update. The employees who the policy applies to are notified, and can read and acknowledge the update.

A comprehensive dashboard and reporting system keeps employees as well as managers informed of the status of their various policies, and the employees that have reviewed and acknowledged. It also provides an easy mechanism to send reminders to employees who have yet to acknowledge the policies.