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Quarterly Magazine

There’s nothing like a physical magazine to make you and your MSP stand out from the crowd. But not everyone has the time or staff to white-label and/or customize a magazine, and then get them printed.

That’s where CyberGuard360 comes in!

We’ll white-label/customize the magazine for you, making it your very own. Then we’ll print them and ship them directly to you, ready to deliver to your customers and prospects.

With CyberGuard360’s customization and printing, you’ll get:

  • All white-labeling customizations DONE-FOR-YOU
  • All pre-print production work DONE-FOR-YOU
  • All printing DONE-FOR-YOU

To get started, simply enter the desired quantity (there is 100 copy minimum with 50 copy increments thereafter) and check-out.

NOTE: Shipping and handling will be billed separately at time of shipping.

DFY Quarterly Magazine

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Price: $645.00

  • $645.00
  • $645.00
  • $645.00
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Here's just some of the reasons why...
  • Cyber Prospecting Included:
    • Dark Web Search
    • Cyber Assessment Tool
    • Cyber Risk Index Score (CRIS)
  • UNLIMITED Security Awareness Training
  • UNLIMITED Weekly Security Shorts
  • Simulated Phishing
  • Live Dark Web Monitoring
  • Policy Management
    • More Than 75 Policy Templates
  • Security Risk Assessment
    • With INSTANT Work Plan Generation with Revenue-Generating Recommendations
  • Document Management Module
  • HIPAA Compliance Module
  • Automated Penetration Test
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • CMMC 2.0 Module
  • Advanced Risk Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Resilience Review
  • Ransomware Readiness Assessment
  • Newsletter Module
  • Amazing Client-Facing Reports
  • 1-Click Business Risk Review (think QBR but for risk!)
  • White-Labeled for your clients
  • White-Labeled Sales and Marketing Resources
  • Built by an MSP for MSPs
  • Channel-Only
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