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  • Dark Web Monitoring included
  • Dark Web Search for prospecting & sales
  • UNLIMITED Security Awareness Training
  • Weekly Security Shorts
  • Simulated Phishing for prospecting and QBRs
  • Award-Winning Policy Management
  • >75 Policy Templates
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • INSTANT Work Plan Generation with Revenue-Generating Recommendations
  • Complete HIPAA Compliance Module
  • Incident response reporting and documentation
  • Newsletter Module
  • Document Management Module
  • Amazing Client-Facing Reports
  • 1-Click Business Risk Review (think QBR but for risk!)
  • Completely White-Labeled End-to-End, including alerts and notifications!
  • White-Labeled Sales and Marketing Resources
  • Channel-Only
  • Built by an MSP for MSPs

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  • 250 additional Dark Web Searches each month for a total of 300 a month!
  • White-Labelled Book from Amazon Bestselling Author!
  • White-Labelled Cyber Documentary

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