S.A.F.E.TM Certification Program cont’d

To ensure the independence and integrity of the program, S.A.F.E.TM certification is a 4-phase process:



CyberGuard360 conducts the application and certification phases, the assessment and rating phases are conducted by independent 3rd parties who will work with you to ensure a thorough assessment; giving you the feedback to close any gaps identified or areas in need of remediation. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you’ll submit the findings to the Agency who will evaluate and rate the findings for submittal to us.

We will review the ratings and supporting documentation, and if they comport with the security standards, best practices and/or regulatory security framework set forth for your industry you will receive S.A.F.E certification.

The non-refundable Application fee covers all but the Audit & Assessment, and you will contract directly with the auditor for those services. The Agency will provide a list of recommended auditors, and you may chose form that list or one of your own. The Agency will provide the specific forms and format auditors must use to submit their findings.

The Application fee is valid for 90 days, with up to one 90-day extension based on circumstances.

Certification must be renewed annually.

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