The Selling Security Series
Selling Security
Part 6 of the Series
NEVER Miss an Opportunity For Vulnerability Testing Again
You wouldn’t go to your General Practitioner for open heart surgery. And you wouldn't go to an auto parts store to build a car. This is why businesses need security experts with expert tools to deliver protection, compliance, and peace-of-mind. Managed Services Providers are in a crowded field. Become a Managed Security Services Provider. Hosted by Al Alper, Founder & CEO, this webinar series helps MSPs keep a step ahead of trends in the MSSP space. We're focused on selling security solutions - which includes an educated user base, assessments and analysis to build trust, and tools to maintain a clients' entire security posture. Businesses need your expertise. Give them the reason to invest in your solutions.
Featured Speaker:
Al Alper
CEO, CyberGuard360
Register Now!!! May 29th, 2019 @ 2:00 PM ET | 11:00AM PT