Konrad Martin

Konrad Martin

Konrad Martin is the CEO of Tech Advisors, a firm he founded in 2005 with his twin brother Kevin.  Tech Advisors is a complete technology solution provider, 100% committed to seeing that business owners have the most reliable, professional IT service. Under Konrad’s leadership, the firm has achieved steady growth and expansion of services offered including cybersecurity, compliance, cloud computing and more to growing businesses across a wide range of industries.

Tech Advisors was named one of the world’s premier managed service providers in 2022 and 2021 in the prestigious Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings, as well as a Top 250 MSP (Managed Service Provider) in 2022 and a Top 250 MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) in 2021.  Originally focused on the greater Boston area, the company has grown to offer services throughout the East Coast, and maintains offices in Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Marlborough, MA, and Palm Beach, FL.

A nationally recognized authority in the field of cybersecurity, Konrad was recently featured in the documentary, “Cyber Crime 2: The Dark Web Uncovered.”  Konrad and nine other national cybersecurity experts were selected for the film, in which they explore the psychology and techniques of cybercrime and offer tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Konrad is also the co-author of Cyber Storm, an Amazon #1 best seller, as well as the author of Hacked!  How to Protect Your Business from the Fines, Lawsuits, Customer Loss and PR Nightmare Resulting from Data Breach and Cybercrime, which offers strategies on staying one step ahead of cybercriminals, and The I.T. Factor, a comprehensive guide for the small business owner who seeks to find a professional, competent IT provider.  Konrad has authored additional cybersecurity articles for a number of regional and national magazines, and was featured in MSP Success Magazine’s Spring 2021 special edition with his article, “The CPA Turned IT Consultant Every CPA Firm Wants to Know.”

Konrad uses his publications and other platforms to educate audiences on the field of cybersecurity and the reality that cybercrime is a sophisticated and organized industry. He believes strongly that education and empathy are critical, and that teams that are unified and knowledgeable are the best way to fight against the growing danger.

Before founding Tech Advisors, Konrad worked as a CPA; this background gives Konrad an understanding and appreciation of the financial side of technology, and he enjoys helping Tech Advisors’ clients connect the value of a well-managed IT infrastructure with business efficiency and profitability.  His background also led him to become a trusted advisor to the Massachusetts Society of CPAs; he wrote the WISP (Written Information Security Plan) for their organization and its hundreds of members.

The Bangor, Maine, native is a graduate of the University of Maine, where he competed and became a nationally ranked swimmer. He enjoys several outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing, and triathlons.  Konrad splits his time between Medway, Massachusetts, and Lantana, Florida, with his wife, Jeannie. They are parents to Rebecca, Adam and Fritz.