The best defense is a good offense.” At CyberGuard360 we take an offensive posture seriously. We’ve built a training and compliance portal called PII Protect 360TM to make certain everyone is trained to spot a cyber-attack; forming an offensive-line of prevention and notification.

PII Protect 360

Training, refreshers and security awareness training and certification, and phishing &  vishing results demands testing and auditing of a sites progress. The information from these systems alone can be overwhelming. Add that to a Risk Assessment & Work Plan, Vulnerability Test results & Work Plan, audit trails, compliance reports, policies & procedures, incident reports, incident response, etc. etc. and the list of reports and documentation is endless. For years our partners have asked us to help them to organize and maintain the tens of thousands of  pages and documents required for a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

To answer their call, CyberGuard360 built PII Protect 360. Fully integrated with CyberGlass; training and certification, and phishing &  vishing results, CyberGlass alerts, incidents, reports, etc. are all sent directly to PII Protect 360 for each access, audit and compliance reporting.

Rounding out the 360o visibility needed, PII Protect 360 includes comprehensive security awareness training that includes a self-paced, web-based course, and weekly refreshers to keep the organization cyber aware. We’ve also included phishing and vishing simulation that reports results into PII Protect 360.

So as to keep all of the security information in one place, we added a Risk Assessment, Work Plan generated from the Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Test results from our proprietary ACE appliance, along with all of the incidents generated from CyberGlass. All of that informaton resides right in PII Protect 360.

PII Protect 360 is a compliance documentation and training platform designed to assess, organize, secure and educate.

PII Protect 360 can be fully white-labeled and made available to our partner’s clients.

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