OB360 is CyberGuard360’s latest suite of advanced security tools for MSPs of any size. With Pen Testing , Vulnerability Assessment and Prospecting tools, OB360 is the next step in an MSPs evolution to MSSP
1-Click Access from the PG360 platform
Assess your external security profile
Test the likelihood of a breach occurring
Generate personalized reports for clients
CRIS0, an Advanced Prospecting Tool to Identify the Probability of a Breach and CLOSE DEALS!
Identify holes in the attack surface and assess their ability to be penetrated
Gain actionable intelligence by assessing external weaknesses in your security posture
Proprietary algorithms determine the likelihood of a breach based on identified weaknesses, extraneous and contemporaneous datasets, and other factors

Built by an MSP for MSPs, OB360 is made to deep dive into your clients’ cybersecurity posture.

Vulnerability Assessment

The goal of modern cybersecurity is PREVENTING breaches before they happen. OB360-VA evaluates the network for known weaknesses using a patent-pending algorithm to measure every facet of the network, homing in on the areas that are most likely to be breached given their weakness and the current threat landscape.

OB-VA works alongside a management program designed by the MSP that employs solutions and services to mitigate the vulnerabilities and ensure they remain closed. Leveraging global vulnerability databases, the OB360-VA scanner interrogates all devices attached to the network, seeking out and testing them for all vulnerabilities.

Empower the next generation of security with modern vulnerability protection!

Penetration Testing

Elevate your MSP to an MSSP! OB360-PT simulates a real cyberattack to determine how prepared YOU are for a modern security breach.

Test defense mechanisms
Verify response plans
Confirm adherence to security policies and protocols
Non-technical, intuitive interface
Fit for MSPs of any size and skill

The goal of pen testing is not just seeing if a network can be breached, but how deeply a hacker can reach once inside. OB360-PT is an invaluable tool that helps MSPs to determine if a breach such as this is possible. Designed and built so that any MSP can leverage its’ power, OB360-PT is an invaluable addition to an MSPs security suite and pen testing arsenal.

CRIS Score

Imagine a prospecting tool that could show your clients and prospects how likely they were to become another victim of a breach.


Meet CRIS0, the ONLY prospecting tool that can tell you how likely you are to be breached!

Using CyberGuard360’s patent-pending FICO-like risk score, CRIS0 measures an organizations ability to prevent a modern cyberattack by determining the likelihood of a breach.

Using proprietary algorithms and mining data from thousands of site, both dark and surface, CRIS0 will tell you if you’re about to become another victim! No other tool can do that!

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OB360’s Vulnerability and Penetration Testing focuses on…