CyberGuard360 is committed to the safety and security of the IT community and their clients. We believe that security increases significantly through measurement and visibility, and we build robust tools to target the holes in the attack surface that comes with these insights. Toward that end we have committed substantial investments in research & development, partnering with leading universities to triangulate and identify risk, and the mitigation tools needed to make the industry safer and stronger; we call this Impact R&D. Here are some of the leading thought leaders and centers of excellence we’ve partnered with

Institute RND

Based in Hyderabad, India, NGIT is a leading Computer Engineering colleges in the region, having made significant strides in their core area of engineering education as well as in Research & Development.

The collaboration with CyberGuard360 is a significant step in their efforts toward excellence in Research & Development. The collaboration will involve the development of new and innovative techniques to measure risk, predict exposure, develop mitigation tools and strategies, protect systems, and detect intrusions.

Multiple teams will be working on multiple projects with a unified goal and outcome – Enhancing Cybersecurity Compliance. Some of the project areas include:

  • Cyber Risk Scoring Model
  • Automated Technical Risk Assessments
  • Effective Data Protection and Backup

Press Release from NGIT

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