Adolfo Montenegro

Owner and CEO, T3 Computer Services

The platform is incredible.
"The content on the platform is really is the value of the platform! Our customers are OF COURSE loving everything that we're doing for them with the platform."

Aluska Richardson

CEO, Aurora InfoTech

Aluska Richardson
“We wanted to reach out and share our experience working with your team;, amazing customer service and support! Thank you!”

Antonio Rocha

Owner, CrafTech Computer Solutions

Antonio Rocha
It's an awesome product - I couldn't recommend it more!
"We've been using your product for over a year now, and we love it! Our clients love it. The content on it is great."

Art Artiles

Partner/GM, Mathe, Inc

Art Artiles
They understand what is needed to help our clients understand the need for training and compliance.
"Pricing is very competitive, and they are very receptive to feedback, which they use to build functionality into the service."

Bob Gagnon

President, BDB Tech Services

Bob Gagnon
A 5-minute conversation turned into $825 in MRR
"I now have $825 in new MRR from businesses I was chasing for over 10 years. They kept saying 'I don't need Managed Services' and 'I can do it myself.' Because of CG360 and the CG360 team, a 5-minute conversation with them on security and they signed up!"

Brian Jones

Founder, Amicus Technology

Brian Jones
We picked CyberGuard360 because of the platform.
"The customers really enjoy the security shorts, and I like the phishing tests!"

Bruce Tyson

Cybersecurity Advisor, Triad Network Security, LLC

Bruce Tyson
CRIS creates professional reports that help us present an overview of a client/prospect's current network state.
“CRIS is a fast way to get a network assessment prepared for a meeting with a prospect. The report is formatted well and looks impressive. ... It gives us something to talk about and helps us guide the conversation into a closed sale. By the way, Al Alper is fantastic.”

Chris Rivas

Endpoint Specialist, Funeral Directors Life (FDLIC)

Testimonial - Chris Rivas
CRIS addresses critical cybersecurity challenges!
"CRIS is addressing critical cybersecurity challenges by providing 24/7 threat monitoring and incident response, ensuring the safety of our sensitive data, and offering a customizable, comprehensive solution tailored to our organizations specific needs."