Jeremy Valverde

Owner, Affinity Tech Solutions

Jeremy Valverde
We wanted something that we could control and provide.
"We've had a lot of success with our clients and their confidence knowing that they've got a platform that can track it all."

Jon Matero

CEO, Network Heroes

Jon Matero
You ROCK! Great service!
“That says it all.”

Joshua Liberman

President, Net Sciences, Inc.

The price can't be beat!
“We grabbed CyberGuard because we'd seen that dashboard and found that it was fairly intuitive and very effective.”

Jud Baldock

Owner, Valceon Technology

Jud Baldock
CG360 cements our relationship as essential business partners
“I appreciate the value-added campaigns you’ve provided, especially the communiques designed for our clients. This kind of stuff goes a long way to cementing our relationship with clients and painting us as essential business partners more so than 'IT guys’.”

Konrad Martin

President and CEO, TECH Advisors Inc.

Konrad Martin
A game-changer!
"From the day I saw CyberGuard360, I knew it was a game-changer."

Lisa Johnson

Vice President, AVC Technology

Lisa Johnson
Nice and easy.
"What CyberGuard really does for us, is allows us to provide that extra level of security and education to our users."

Mark Richter

President, iStreet Solutions, LLC

Mark Richter
We're really excited about the product and you should be too!
"We love it! It helps our clients get their compliances done."

Matt Hoffman

President, Frontline Technology

matt hoffman
OB360 helps MSPs get headed in the right direction
"OB360 is designed and priced to be partner friendly which opened the door and enabled us to begin offering vulnerability scans and assessments to our clients and prospects."