A Done-For-You MSSP solution

The CyberGlassTM platform integrates all of the components of a complete cybersecurity program into one actionable interface; a single-pane-of-glass. These include:

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Cybersecurity Vigilance and Threat Detection & Response Is NOT IT Support

Having the IT support team expand their role to include cybersecurity is a common mistake of many organizations.

For management, they see cybersecurity as a natural extension because technology is used as the fulcrum to launch attacks; rendering their systems useless, exfiltrating protected, confidential or valuable information, or issuing a ransom demand. While the extrapolation is understandable for the laymen, IT professionals recognize and appreciate the distinction.

A 360o cybersecurity toolbelt should include

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Employing the CyberGuard360 suite allows you to take full advantage of our SIEM 2.0 platform CyberGlassTM, the first and only Security Monitoring and Management (SMM) platform, and CyberGlassAITM, our ground-break patent-pending technology that empowers the SIEM with management and mitigation capabilities.

If you have your own tools but want to take advantage CyberGlassTM and CyberGlassAITM, that's OK! Contact one of our representatives to find out if your endpoint protection and firewall tools are currently supported.

If your tools aren't supported, don't worry! We are working closely with other tier 1 security vendors to develop those integrations and expect to include most of them in our next release.

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