PG360 is an Employee Education, Compliance and Documentation Platform Built By An MSP for MSP’s

NIST-based risk assessment

Our team of CISOs has created a NIST-based online Risk Assessment that meets regulatory requirements. We’ve automated the Work Plan generation for instant access to the Work Plan required to close the gaps identified, and we include revenue generating recommendations for you to offer to your clients!

Comprehensive, unlimited security awareness training

Unlimited, comprehensive security awareness training is included with your MSP subscription to give to all of your clients. Training is a self-paced, web-based course, and includes weekly refreshers to keep employees cyber aware!

Dark Web Monitoring

Deep Diver is our Dark Web Monitoring engine. Ever-vigilant, Deep Diver continually monitors the Dark Web for compromised credentials and PII. When a new breach is identified on the Dark Web, it is scanned for the domains or email addresses of the clients you monitor and alerts you and/or your client immediately if they are found. Any alerts you choose to go directly to your client are fully white-labeled!

Through a mix of artificial intelligence and human interaction, Deep Diver continually scours the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web for breached credentials and PII.

More than


Breach Records

Dark Web Search is included with every PG360 Partner subscription.

Dark Web Monitoring is included with every client subscription to the PG360 platform, or is also available as a stand-alone subscription.

Comprehensive policy management

We’ve developed over 70 policies, fully templated for you to use and customize for your clients. These policies have been vetted by our team of CISOs and enforcement officers, and have withstood thousands of audits for companies all over the country.

Simulated phishing

Also included are simulated phishing attacks, keeping employees on their toes; and the results report directly into your own PG360 dashboard!

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