Derek Anderson

President and CEO, Biztek Solutions

Derek Anderson
We just keep getting wins with CyberGuard360.
"This is the easiest tool we've used to launch our phishing training and our security training for our clients, and the feedback from our clients has been phenomenal."

Derrick Weisbrod

Founder and CEO, Inerva Technology Advisors

Derrick Weisbrod
Smooth transition, very minimal commitments. You should do it!
"It's easy set-up, fast to use, like the tech said - no problem getting things converted over."

Elian Tyson

President, Triad Network Security, LLC

elian tyson
It helps us easily show companies where their security network has gaps.
“It's an affordable risk assessment that helps with prospecting and renewals.”

Eric Smith

IT Service Manager, CrafTech Computer Solutions

Eric Smith
Working with this Team was one of the best cybersecurity decisions we have ever made.
"They cover all your security needs from start to finish to make sure you and your clients are fully protected!"

Erik Nonaka

President, ENE Technology Services

I am planning to make LOTS more money in 2022!
“It's a very great product with lots of information on their site for you to learn.”

Ethan Chabert

President, CORE Networks LLC

Ethan Chabert
They make compliance super easy.
"They make compliance super easy, and allow us to be rock-stars to our clients!"

Jeff Kuhn

Owner, New England IT Partners

Jeff Kuhn
Intuitive, super easy to use and we get higher client engagement
"We couldn't be happier, all of the tools in one platform that's really intuitive, super easy to use and we get higher client engagement! Now we have a solution that brings us closer to our clients; we lead with security and CG360 is a key part of our QBRs."

Jennifer Hoffman

Executive VIP, Frontline Technology LLC

Jennifer Hoffman
The contents are often eye opening for the client.
“The ease of running the report is better than any other solution we have tried of comparable quality. I suppose that's two favorite things--the ease and the high quality.”