Matt Kinsey

CISO, IT Fusion, LLC

Matt Kinsey
less than half the time for setup and ongoing maintenance is about ten percent that of what we were using before.
"CyberGuard360 continues to expand its product offering as the threat landscape changes, along with strong marketing materials. If you are looking for dark web monitoring, security awareness training, simulated phishing, and more then it’s worth having a conversation with CyberGuard360."

Mauricio Mejia

Owner, MCS Geeks

Mauricio Mejia
We chose CyberGuard360 because everything is on one platform!
“We chose CyberGuard360 because everything is on one platform and for its user-friendly interface.”

Mike Beecher

President, EscapeWire Solutions

Interested and excited to roll out the platform!
“We're primarily excited to roll out the platform because we're interested in an integrated Awareness Training and also Risk Assessment tool for our clients.”

Paul Nebb

CEO, Titan Technologies

Paul Nebb
Hands-down the best platform
"We switched to CG360 from other vendors because they are, hands-down the best platform for Dark Web, Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing, Assessments and more. I don’t need all those other vendors."

Rashmi Sheel

President, CMIT Solutions of Sugar Land

A go-to place for dark web monitoring, assessments and cyber security trainings.
“You can enable trainings for your customers - HIPAA, cyber security, gender harassment and more. It is a go-to place for any business process or policy templates.”

Rosa Munoz

Director of Marketing & Client Relations, Spirit Technologies

Rosa Munoz
We love CyberGuard.
"Our clients just love using their tools and it's kept their businesses safe.”

Shane Serrant

CIO, Alternative Systems

Shane Serrant
Very comprehensive
"It's very comprehensive and very intuitive and easy to use."

Steve Haluschak

Owner, Net-Tech Consulting

Steve Haluschak
[CRIS is] the best automation product in the marketplace.
"Bottom line they are good at identifying risk, managing risk, and finally eliminating risk."