7 reasons to become a
CyberGuard360 partner

Simple to UseSimple to Use
Easy to DeployEasy to Deploy
Amazing ReportsAmazing Reports
Comprehensive Policy ManagementComprehensive Policy Management
Weekly Security Training VideosWeekly Security Training Videos
Complete Prospecting ToolkitComplete Prospecting Toolkit
$1 Kick the TiresFully Provisioned Client Account

Simple to Use

Our on-boarding is just 30 minutes. And several partners have used the platform even without an on-boarding. That’s how Simple it is to use.

Many partners have successfully tried having their Admin Staff manage the platform instead of their engineers. Saving considerable time, money and scarce resources.


Easy to Deploy

You can setup a client in 15 minutes. And that’s not just a claim. We do it for you, with your client during a 2nd onboarding session.

And once a client is setup, you can give them as much or as little of the platform to manage themselves. Several clients have found it simple enough to use it for their internal policy management.


Monthly reports to clients

The greatest challenge for an MSP is to show a client that they are getting their money’s worth. And the white-labelled automated reporting makes it easy.

Client get reports on their users usage, compliance, training, … And the Parters can run additional reports for their client meetings including a Business Review Report.


Comprehensive Policy Management

The Policy Management Module is comprehensive, flexible and scalable. There are 70 + Policy Templates that are available to use within the platform.

The MSP can either modify or add their own set of Policy Templates. And it gets better. The clients can also add or modify the policies available to them. Several clients are using the system to manage other policies such as HR, Employee Handbook, …


Weekly Security Training Videos

Keeping a client engaged is important. And Security Shorts is a great way to achieve that. Client users get a weekly video that is 2 – 4 minutes.

The view and open rate for these is very high. There are 2 main reasons. The first is that a click on the email takes the user to the Security Short. And the 2nd is the Monthly Report that tracks the viewership of these Security Shorts.


Prospecting Toolkit

Managing your client is simple and does not consume time. Leaving you time to get in new clients. And that’s where Prospecting comes in.

You can deploy 1 of 3 or all 3 prospecting tools for your prospects. From Dark Web to Cyber Assessment to CRIS, our very own proprietary Risk Scoring system. All of which is included as part of the Platform.


Seeing is Believing

Enjoy a fully provisioned client account to use internally for your team! Here you can utilize every single aspect of the platform at no additional cost so that you and your team can become familiar with the broad reach of CyberGuard360!

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