CyberGlassTMis the first, and only platform to fully integrate all of these technologies. Creating a new software category called SMM (Security Monitoring and Management), CyberGlassTM was designed from the ground up to empower MSP’s, MSSP’s and enterprise IT teams with a single-pane-of-glass into the security posture of the organization. But CyberGlassTM goes beyond the passivity of a traditional SIEM by leveraging our patent-pending technology called CyberGlassAITM ; adding direct asset access, scripting and automation (traditionally the purview of RMM tools), and machine learning.


CyberGlassAI (CGAI) goes beyond SIEM’s passive “see something, says something” monitoring and alerting approach. Using a machine learning engine to build profiles of user, system and network behaviors, CGAI creates baseline norms, called UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics). It then leverages UEBA to identify anomalies that deviate from the normal behavior and may pose a threat; trapping, alerting and responding accordingly. CyberGlassAI then adds both the behavior and the response to the library of automation to identify and act proactively. With CyberGlassAI’s artificial intelligence and automated response, CyberGlassTM “sees something, does something”; an automated first-responder to attack and mitigate the treat. CyberGlass with CyberGlassAI augments the IT team, empowering them with security-engineer capabilities; improving efficiency and effectiveness, and hardening the attack surface.

Advanced Cyber Event (ACE) Appliance

CyberGuard360’s Advanced Cyber Event (ACE) appliance is the on-premise addition of our cloud-based Network-Level Monitoring (NLM). Enabling agent-less monitoring of the network, CyberGuard360’s ACE appliance monitors the network for Black Hat or Shadow IT. But ACE goes beyond NLM by analyzing changes in the network and setup over time, creating an audit trail of these changes, alerting CyberGlass when they fall outside normal patterns of behavior so engineers, or CyberGlassAI can respond in real-time. Additionally, the ACE appliance continually scans network resources for protected data to both inform your team where it exists, and if it is exposed on unprotected resources.

Done-For-You Firewalls

CyberGuard360 can supply CyberGlass-ready, enterprise-grade firewalls to partners who request it. Our security engineers will pre-configure them to integrate with CyberGlass and, at our partners request perform an initial configuration of the environment it is destined for. We’ll even drop ship it for you! All of our CyberGlass-ready firewalls come with the full security subscription service activated; it includes IP/IDS, Advanced Threat Protection, Security Heartbeat, Application Control, Web Protection, Web and App Traffic Shaping, and much, much more.

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Tomorrow’s threat is no match for today’s anti-virus protection; protecting your systems requires the next-generation endpoint protection. CyberGuard360 has partnered with Sophos to offer their Advanced Endpoint Protection and Intercept X to our partners. Consistently beating the competition for next-gen protection, Sophos’ AEP with Intercept X is the #1 endpoint protection software. Most recently Sophos ranked #1 for both enterprise endpoint protection and small business endpoint protection in the SE Labs endpoint protection test report (April – June 2018) and has been ranked in Gartner’s top quartile every quarter, in every category for the last several years. Our partnership with Sophos enables Advanced Endpoint Protection and Intercept X to run natively with CyberGlass.

PII Secured

Risk Assessment & Work Plan, Vulnerability Test results & Workplan, audit trails, compliance reports, policies & procedures, incident reports, incident response, training and certification, phishing & vishing results, etc. etc. The list of reports and documentation is endless. For years our partners have asked us to help them to organize and maintain the tens of thousands of pages and documents required for a comprehensive cybersecurity program. To answer their call, CyberGuard360 built PII Secured. Fully integrated with CyberGlass, PII Secured is a compliance documentation and training platform designed to assess, organize, secure and educate. PII Secured can be fully white-labeled and made available to our partner’s clients.

Enterprise-Grade DRaaS Solutions powered by Unitrends

Backup and Disaster Recovery is a core responsibility of any MSP or IT solution provider; and the protections it affords are integral to a comprehensive cybersecurity program. The continued success of Datto demonstrates the ongoing need for robust backup, disaster recovery and continuity solutions; that includes high-availability cloud continuity and 24/7/365 support as an extension of your team. And they demand that they get it at competitive prices.

To meet these needs, CyberGuard360 has teamed up with Unitrends, the premier provider of backup, disaster recovery and continuity solutions for enterprises worldwide for over 25 years; Fortune 100 companies rely on them every day to protect their data. Unitrends’ line of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions uses automation and white glove service to lessen the burden on your IT resources. What’s more, Unitrends uses intelligent recovery analytics to show the potential impact of an outage and help you detect and prevent downtime before it occurs. The same Unitrends products that protect your data also provide multi-site replication, instant recovery, and failover to the cloud. Unitrends solutions are easier to deploy and provide 100% confidence that data and applications are protected and accessible in the event of disaster.

CyberGuard360 offers our Partners competition-busting prices on Unitrends’ complete line of all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity solutions.

But we go farther than that! We’ve integrated Unitrends backup and recovery statistics into CyberGlass.

Our partnership with Unitrends puts information about the success or failure of the backup and assurance jobs on the CyberGlass dashboard, right alongside the security posture of the environments they protect. That means if CyberGlass identifies a threat that needs to be recovered from, or a backup job that needs to be investigated, access to the Unitrends appliance and backups are just 1-click away!