Risk Assessment & Work Plan, Vulnerability Test results & Workplan, audit trails, compliance reports, policies & procedures, incident reports, incident response, training and certification, phishing & vishing results, etc. etc. The list of reports and documentation is endless. For years our partners have asked us to help them to organize and maintain the tens of thousands of pages and documents required for a comprehensive cybersecurity program. To answer their call, CyberGuard360 built PG360. PG360 is a compliance documentation and training platform designed to assess, organize, secure and educate. PG360 can be fully white-labeled and made available to our partner’s clients.

Enterprise-Grade DRaaS Solutions powered by Unitrends

Backup and Disaster Recovery is a core responsibility of any MSP or IT solution provider; and the protections it affords are integral to a comprehensive cybersecurity program. The continued success of Datto demonstrates the ongoing need for robust backup, disaster recovery and continuity solutions; that includes high-availability cloud continuity and 24/7/365 support as an extension of your team. And they demand that they get it at competitive prices.

To meet these needs, CyberGuard360 has teamed up with Unitrends, the premier provider of backup, disaster recovery and continuity solutions for enterprises worldwide for over 25 years; Fortune 100 companies rely on them every day to protect their data. Unitrends’ line of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions uses automation and white glove service to lessen the burden on your IT resources. What’s more, Unitrends uses intelligent recovery analytics to show the potential impact of an outage and help you detect and prevent downtime before it occurs. The same Unitrends products that protect your data also provide multi-site replication, instant recovery, and failover to the cloud. Unitrends solutions are easier to deploy and provide 100% confidence that data and applications are protected and accessible in the event of disaster.

CyberGuard360 offers our Partners competition-busting prices on Unitrends’ complete line of all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity solutions.

But we go farther than that! We’ve integrated Unitrends backup and recovery statistics into PG360.

Our partnership with Unitrends puts information about the success or failure of the backup and assurance jobs on the PG360 dashboard, right alongside the security posture of the environments they protect. That means if PG360 identifies a threat that needs to be recovered from, or a backup job that needs to be investigated, access to the Unitrends appliance and backups are just 1-click away!